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December 2018 Features:

An Unparalleled Tech Pavilion - The State-of-the-Art Excentricité at La Cité

A look at the unique spaces and systems within this brand new multimedia marvel at Ontario’s largest French-language college for arts and technology.

By Andrew King

Celebrating Tradition Through Technology - The Celtic Performing Arts Centre at the College of Piping

PEI’s College of Piping invests in a brand new performing arts facility to celebrate culture and tradition while also presenting modern music, dance, theatre, and more

By Andrew King

Professional Sound’s 2019 Directory of Suppliers

A comprehensive listing of companies supplying sound equipment to the Canadian recording, live, integration, broadcast, and post industries.



Mastering Need-to-Knows


The latest from across the Canadian pro audio industry


Ian Bodzasi, Greg Bolton & Maxime Brunet

Product Tests

STL Tonality Howard Benson guitar plug-in suite, Nugen’s Modern Mastering bundle & Revoice Pro 4 from Synchro Arts


The latest tools & technologies for pro audio professionals

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Sound Advice


Your industry calendar


Project File

U of T’s Principal Hall, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour & more.

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