Current Issue: August 2021

Cover Story

Gearforce Goes Beyond - The virtual concert model has kept the spirit of the "live show" afloat; but is it here to say?

By Andrew Leyenhorst

Vancouver's Gearforce is one of Canada's premier pro audio and production  rms, so it's very little surprise that they too dipped into the livestreaming pool in the past year, albeit in a way that goes far beyond what many others have done. PS learned about Gearforce's approach to livestreamed concerts with artists such as Jann Arden, and gained insights on the future of the model from some of Canada's top touring techs.

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The Unique & Thriving Business of Audiobooks - The audiobook market is exploding, so why is that & are they really that simple to make?

There is something innate in the human spirit that craves, or even needs, stories. Stories - the ones we tell ourselves and each other - are how we learn, entertain, and process the world around us. It's a tendency as old as humans. Over the centuries, various storytelling methods have come in and out of favour, with some lasting centuries, and others lasting mere months. So, it's interesting when new life gets breathed into an older storytelling format because of current technology. Audiobooks are having such a moment.

PS's Hip-Hop Producers Panel - Going Behind the Beats with Five Hyped Canadian Producers

We spoke with highly-respected Canadian rap producers who o er a mix of the new school and old school - David Strickland, Prezident Je , FrancisGotHeat, Taabu, and London Cyr - to learn more about what they do and how they do it, the gear and software they're using, and what tracks and sounds stand out to them from their impressive bodies of work

Up in a Snowbank with the Barenaked Ladies: Recording Detour de Force

"We knew we wanted to make a different kind of record," says BNL vocalist/guitarist Ed Robertson. "Our plan initially was to do the entire record up here at my cottage, which is not a studio at all." Professional Sound chats with the band alongside producer Mark Howard about the technical logistics of recording at a cottage, stories from the sessions, and a very special piece of musical history that found its way to their remote Ontario hideout.

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