d&b's Head of R&D, Jan Biermann, Joins Board of OCA Alliance

Michael Raine
November 2, 2022

German audio technology and solutions company d&b audiotechnik has announced the appointment of Jan Biermann, its head of research and development, to the Board of Directors of the Open Control Architecture (OCA) Alliance. The OCA Alliance is a non-profit corporation formed to promote and support the AES70 standard for Open Control Architecture as a system control standard for professional applications.

The Alliance, which was founded in 2011, supports the development and evolution of the AES70 standard and promotes its adoption through marketing, education, and training. In addition, the Alliance develops new AES70 revisions and related materials to increase the value and usability of AES70 as an interoperability tool for the media systems industry.

“d&b has been a supporter of the Alliance since its founding, hence I am very excited for the opportunity to join the OCA Board of Directors and reaffirm d&b’s commitment​​ to OCA and the open public standard for media network control,” says Biermann. “AV systems often work within complex networked environments. As AV media networking expands, Open Control Architecture assures compatibility with existing and future transport protocols.”

“d&b is a founding member and long-time contributor to the OCA Alliance, and on behalf of the organization, we are pleased to welcome Jan to the board of directors,” adds Bill Scott, OCA Alliance president. “We look forward to bringing Jan’s insights and experience to the organization to continue to drive the AES70 standard and OCA ecosystem.”

Biermann has been at d&b audiotechnik since 2017. Prior to joining d&b, he held positions at NewLogic Technologies and Bosch. Biermann’s position on the board, working with existing board members Bill Scott of Bosch and Simon Jones of Focusrite, is effective immediately.

To learn more about the OCA Alliance, go to www.ocaalliance.com.

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Michael Raine

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