Halter Technical Appoints GerrAudio as Exclusive Canadian Distributor

Michael Raine
December 6, 2022

Halter Technical has announced that GerrAudio Distribution has been appointed exclusive distributor for its lineup of products in Canada. GerrAudio will provide a dedicated market focus for Halter Technical’s audio monitoring products, and spearhead the launch of the company’s new Microsone Discreete Audio Monitoring System in Canada.

GerrAudio Distribution has serviced the Canadian professional audio market for over 40 years.  The company represents audio and communications equipment manufacturers based out of the UK, Europe and the U.S., and provides sales support and after-sales service to its diverse customer base across Canada. GerrAudio’s customers include, but are not limited to, national and regional broadcasters, education and government institutions, performing arts centers, houses of worship, corporate, industrial and research organizations, musicians, and live production and equipment rental shops.

Halter Technical, located in Los Angeles, CA, creates professional audio monitoring solutions for the broadcast, film, and video production markets.  Halter Technical’s current lineup of premium, comfort, and IFB headphones was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the live set environment, and are currently deployed on TV and film sets all over the world - from low-budget documentaries to award-winning feature films. Halter Technical’s newest Microsone product is a wireless in-ear monitoring solution that allows on-set talent to take cues, listen to playback, or be fed lines without being visible to the audience.

“The introduction of Microsone is the latest step towards bringing purpose-built audio monitoring solutions for broadcast and video production,” says Doc Justice, CEO and founder of Halter Technical. “GerrAudio’s experience and active presence in the market makes them the perfect partner to bring these solutions to the Great White North,” Justice adds.  “Canadian users will quickly discover how Microsone, along with our line of headphones and headsets, will invigorate their production processes, and experience why Halter Technical has become Hollywood’s preferred brand.”

“When we met Doc at NAB this past year, and were introduced to the Microsone, we immediately saw the benefits,” comments Bob Snelgrove, president and founder of GerrAudio Distribution. “Users of imperceptible in-ear wireless monitoring are clearly frustrated by a number of known deficiencies with the current options available in the market.  The Microsone was built from the ground up to address all of those deficiencies while introducing a number of tangible benefits. Doc’s personal experience working alongside technical directors and talent in the broadcast, film and video production markets, makes Halter Technical uniquely qualified to innovate in this product category - and the Microsone speaks for itself.  We are really excited to launch Microsone in Canada and support Halter Technical’s existing lineup of purpose-built field monitoring headphones across the country.”

GerrAudio’s first public display of Halter Technical’s products in Canada will be at the company’s 11th Annual Demo Days showcase and training event in Toronto on December 14 & 15, 2022.  Doc Justice will be in attendance offering live demonstrations of Microsone and Halter Technical’s Premium, Comfort and IFB headphones.  Attendance is free and registration for the event is now open at www.gerr.com/demodays.

[Pictured above (L-R): GerrAudio's Peter Snelgrove, Bob Snelgrove & Geoff Maurice]

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Michael Raine

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